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Aerial Survey at the Fernald Preserve

March 1, 2023

Subject: U.S. Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management Aerial Survey at the Fernald Preserve, Ohio, Site

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) is planning to conduct an aerial survey at the Fernald Preserve, Ohio, Site in early March 2023. 

LM will utilize a small, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), or “drone,” to collect aerial imagery and light detection and ranging (lidar) elevation data. The survey data will be used to monitor topographical information at the site with a high level of accuracy. Please see the map of the extent of the aerial survey enclosed with this letter for reference.

 The sUAS will launch from, and land on, the site. LM will perform the flight during daylight hours, preferably morning to midday, to provide optimal timing for data collection. The intent of this survey is to collect imagery of the disposal site only, and not include photos of individuals or adjacent properties.

LM has obtained all the necessary approvals to move forward, and this notification is for informational purposes only.

 For any questions regarding the sUAS aerial survey, please contact the LM Aviation Program Manager Deborah Steckley at (720) 648-3799 or [email protected].

For general questions about the Fernald Preserve, Ohio, Site, please contact the LM Site Manager Brian Zimmerman at (513) 648-3340 or [email protected].

For additional information on the Fernald Preserve, Ohio, Site, please visit https://www.energy.gov/lm/office-legacy-management