Welcome To the Ross Township Administration Page

This portion of the website is designed to help you understand how Ross Township operates and to provide you with information of all historical and current decisions which formulate your government today.

Elected Officials

The administration of Ross Township begins with the four individuals you have elected to lead the township. They consist of three members of the Board of Trustees and a Fiscal Officer. The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the direction and policies of Ross Township. The Fiscal Officer is fully responsible for maintaining the financial endeavors of the Township. While the Board of Trustees sets all policy and approves all budgets and expenditures, the Fiscal Officer manages all financial transactions and is responsible for all audits of the Township.

Appointed Officials

The Board of Trustees also appoints additional public officials to assist with the daily operations of the Township. The top operation appointee is the Township Administrator. The Administrator is responsible for the daily operations of all departments in Ross Township at the administrative level. The Administrator is aided in the day-to-day operations of the Township by the Board of Trustees' appointment of three individual Department Heads: the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, and the Road Superintendent. Together, these four individuals oversee the daily activities of the Township under the Board’s policies and direction.