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Tips To Keep the Burglars Away While on Vacation

When we go on vacation most of us just want to lock the door and go, don’t we? Please stop and think about your home security just a little bit more. Here are some tips to make your home more secure and protected while you’re away.

  1. Put outdoor lighting on timers, you want your home to have an occupied look, in order to deter criminals. All entry points such as garage doors and windows should be lit.
  2. Never hide keys in mailboxes or under doormats. Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or relative.
  3. If you put your interior lights on timers have them come on and go off at different times of the day.
  4. Cut your grass right before you leave. If you are gone for an extended period of time make arrangements to have everything mowed and trimmed.
  5. Leave a car parked in your driveway. This gives the appearance of someone being home. Have a neighbor or friend move the vehicle every few days. Nothing says I’m not at home more than a car that doesn’t move.
  6. Arrange for the post office to hold your mail or have a neighbor gather your mail daily for you. Also have the neighbor pick you your newspaper or stop delivery temporarily.
  7. Have a neighbor or friend haul your trash cans to the road and back to the house again.
  8. Never change your voicemail indicating you’re away on vacation. I know you are on vacation but think about forwarding land line phones to your cell phone.
  9. Don’t advertise your vacation. Don’t post your pending vacation on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, etc.). Nothing like announcing your home won’t be occupied to everyone you know.
  10. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house.
  11. Make sure to check that your insurance policies are up-to-date. If the worst were to happen you won’t have to worry about being covered. Keep a copy of your home inventory with the rest of your important papers, preferably not in your home.

The Ross Township Police Department strongly encourages its residents to call the department and complete a vacation check sheet. This is a short information sheet containing relevant information regarding your trip. When you are leaving, your expected return, contact information while you are away. We will make periodic checks of your residence to make sure everything looks alright.