Nixle Alerts

Do you want to be informed on what is going on in Ross Township? From time to time, the Ross Twp. Police Department will issue Nixle Alerts to our residents. This is a free service. Nixle is a Community Information Service built exclusively for secure and reliable communications. The Nixle service is built on the most authenticated, secure, reliable, and high-speed platform, ensuring communications are trusted and accurate.

Why is Nixle Important?

Until now, there has never been an authenticated and secure service that connects municipal agencies and community organizations to their residents in real-time, with the same ease and in the same way that current services such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter provide users with an unauthenticated platform for connections. Nixle solves this problem by providing ONE standardized service for consumers to receive immediate and credible neighborhood-level public safety and community information, via SMS, email, or web.

The alerts could be about:

  • Dangerous Weather Systems
  • Major Traffic Delays
  • Missing Persons
  • Crime Alerts

​The alerts will be sent to your phone as a SMS message. Registering for this service is a simple process on your home computer. Just follow the instructions when you click on the link below. When it asks for your home address we recommend you use the Ross Police Department address. This way you will only get messages that apply to Ross Township.

Our address is:

4055 Hamilton Cleves Rd.
Fairfield, Ohio 45014​