Bicycle Registration

The Ross Township Police Department has developed a bicycle registry for our residents. You can register your bicycles with us and we will issue you a sticker with a serial number that will identify the owner of a recovered bike. The sticker should be placed on the frame on the bottom side of the bike by the pedal sprocket. Make sure this area is clean before you affix the sticker.

This is a free service to our residents. Stop by the Police Department, fill out a registration form shown below and you will be issued a bike sticker for each bike you register. Time permitting, one of our officers can also come to your home, inspect your bike and register it at that time.

To help us identify your bike in the event it is lost or stolen, please provide the officer with the information requested on the form. Our address is 4055 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Fairfield Oh, 45014. Telephone 863-2337.​​​