Township Owned Facilities

Ross Township Government Center (a.k.a. The Tragesser Building)

​4055 Hamilton Cleves Road ​Fairfield, Ohio 45014

The Government Center currently houses the Administrative and Police Departments. Board of Trustees meetings are also held in the facility. It was purchased in 2016 from the Tragesser family and originally housed Tragesser Ford, a 103-year company in Ross Township.  The facility was purchased with an eye toward the future. As the township grows, there will soon be a need to expand the southern fire station (see Station #1) to make way for equipment needed to serve the southern half of the township. The footprint of Fire Station #1 it is located within the FEMA floodplain boundaries, making the expansion of that facility impractical. The Government Center will be used to house the southern Fire Station when that need occurs.


​Ross Township Fire Station #101

​​2565 Cincinnati Brookville Road
​Fairfield, Ohio 45014

​​Built in 1957, Fire Station #101 served the southern half of the township and still does to this day. It originally housed the Venice Volunteer Fire Department which incorporated into the Ross Township Fire Department in the late 1970’s. While the facility is not the Fire Department’s headquarters, it is strategically located to provide adequate response times to residents in the southern half of Ross Township.​


​Ross Township Fire Station #102

​1308 Ross Millville Road (U.S. 27)
​Hamilton, Ohio 45013

First opened in 2004, Fire Station #102 is the main headquarters for the department. In addition to housing the department’s Chief and administrative staff, it is strategically located to provide adequate response times to residents in the northern half of Ross Township.​

Fire Dept (1)

​​Ross Township Road Department

3133 Hamilton Cleves Road
​Hamilton, Ohio 45013

​​Opened in 2004, the Road Department building housed the Road, Police and Administration Departments until the purchase of the Government Center in 2016. In addition to housing the department’s equipment and offices, the facility also includes a 2000 ton salt facility to aid in winter storm maintenance. The salt facility was built in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation. A $150,000.00 grant obtained through the Butler County Engineer’s Stormwater Department allowed for the salt facility to be built with very little money from the Township’s budget.