Police Chief Resignation: On June 10, 2024, the Ross Township Board of Trustees received the resignation of Police Chief Burton Roberts.  His decision comes after much reflection and personal consideration.  His letter states that it has been his honor to have served Ross Township since September 2019.  His intentions are to relocate to Arizona after a stellar career of 32 years in law enforcement.  It is with regret for our township and best wishes for Chief Roberts that the Board of Trustees has accepted his letter of resignation to be effective July 5, 2024.  As with the recent appointment of our Fire Chief, the Ross Township Board of Trustees will begin an exhaustive search for our next Police Chief.  We will ensure that he or she will fulfill all of the needs that our fine township deserves.  We are proud of our department and each of the officers that have chosen to establish their careers here and we will work tirelessly to hire a Police Chief that meets all of the qualifications necessary to continue to lead the Police Department in the direction that Chief Roberts has for the past almost 5 years.  We are thankful for the fine staff of officers that Chief Roberts has assembled during his tenure as the department prepares for the next chapter to provide for the safety of all Ross residents.

Fire Department Retains ISO Class 3 Status

The Ross Township Fire Department has retained the Insurance Service Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) Class 3 status, following a recent reevaluation, Fire Chief Steve Miller announced.

According to a release, the ISO PPC ranges from Class 1, which denotes superior property protection, to Class 10, which indicates that an entity’s fire protection does not meet the minimum criteria established by ISO. The Ross Township Fire Department has been a Class 3 fire department since 2015.

According to Miller, better ratings reflect the quality of a fire department and the services it provides and usually translates into lower-cost property owner’s insurance premiums for customers of insurance companies that subscribe to ISO data.

The Insurance Service Office reviews the credentials of approximately 46,000 fire departments across the country. Class status is determined through a comprehensive five-year ISO analysis review of various criteria, including emergency communications, fire department operations, water supply systems and fire risk reduction efforts.

The latest review has identified areas Miller wants to look at improving in the next 5 years. Despite those challenges and the areas, he identified for improvement, Miller said he takes pride in what the department has accomplished.

“This designation of Class 3 status is a direct reflection of the dedication and hard work of all of the members of the department and the support of the township administration and the board of Trustees” Miller stated. “This is a great achievement for our community.

According to Miller, only 12% of fire departments across the country attain a status of Class 3 or better.