Ross Township is a zoned community. The Butler County website defines zoning as follows, “Zoning can be defined as the division of a jurisdiction, such as a township, into separate districts for the purpose of regulating the use of land in each district in order to promote the orderly development of the area and to protect the public health, safety and general welfare. Zoning regulations contain two parts, a zoning map and a zoning text or resolution.” While Ross Township is a zoned community, it does not handle the duties of enforcement or administrating the zoning regulations within the Township. Those responsibilities are conducted through the Butler County Department of Development – Zoning Division.

According to their website, the Butler County Department of Development – Zoning Division operates under the Butler County Rural Zoning Resolution which was “enacted for the purpose of promoting public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare; conserving and protecting property and property values; securing the most appropriate use of land, and facilitating adequate and economical provisions for public improvement, all in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the desirable future development of the County, and providing a method of administration and prescribing penalties for the violations of provisions hereafter described – all as authorized by the provisions of Chapter 303 and the Sections there under of the Ohio Revised Code.”
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The Board of Township Trustees of Ross Township was presented a petition signed by a specific number of qualified voters residing in the unincorporated area of the township requesting the board to proceed with township zoning under R.C. Ch. 519.  This resulted with a resolution indicating the intent to proceed with township zoning and the establishment of a Ross Township Zoning Commission.  The commission is tasked with crafting a Ross Township-specific zoning resolution that will go before voters for approval.  A specific website, www.envisionross.com has been created to keep residents informed of this process.