The Ross Township Road Department is funded through taxes on gasoline, license plates and inside millage from the Township’s General fund. The value of your Township maintained road network is over $50 million dollars; making it easily the most valuable asset in the township.

An important source of income for the Ross Township Road Department comes from the money you pay to the State of Ohio each year for your vehicle license plates. The Road Department receives $5.00 for each vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, etc.) registered to a Ross Township resident. Be sure to inform the Deputy Registrar that you are a Ross Township resident. If your vehicle does not get registered to a Ross Township address, other jurisdictions (usually the cities of Hamilton or Fairfield) will be enjoying the benefits of your tax dollars. So please make sure that the Registrar is aware that you live in Ross Township so that we can continue to provide you with the services you deserve.